Small Farm, Big Dreams

“Some people are a bouquet of red roses. They’re beautiful, stunning, and passionate about whatever that one thing is in their life that they’re good at. But you? You’re a wildflower. You passionately love many, different things about life. You’re a little bit of everything. And I’d personally rather have a bouquet of wildflowers than a bouquet of roses…” -Told to me by my friend, Nicole, as we were taking a sunset walk down Upper Five Mile.

I started the beginning of this year not exactly sure what was going to become of Farmhouse on Five Mile- let alone how I was going to get anywhere with it. I knew I was passionate for our little farm here but I didn’t exactly know what it was meant for or why. I am in a constant state of changing- changing decisions, changing dreams, changing emotions. I have always viewed this inability to commit to any one passion as a negative, a drawback, a failure, and even as something that God disapproved of in me.

What Nicole said to me that evening was a small reminder that God made me who I am on purpose. All of the things I dislike about myself are not equaled to what God thinks of me. He is much bigger than my doubts and insecurities.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

With all of that said, Farmhouse on Five Mile is always going to be growing and ever-changing, much like myself. It is a place where people will come to remember what silence sounds like as they watch the sunset from the front porch. It’s where people will come to learn how to ride a horse and leave with a newfound meaning on communication and trust. It’s where people will come to pick up a dozen eggs and a jar of strawberry jam to take home to their families. It’s where people will appreciate the lost art of growing fresh produce from their own backyard. It’s where people will see how taking intentional and active care towards the animals, the land, and the environment we live in is glorifying to the God who created it. This small farm is being built on the many different ideas that God put inside of me, and I will do whatever He calls me to do here. And now, I am pursuing this positive and uplifting notion that I can learn to love myself as much as I love the blessings He has given me.

Small farms with big dreams seem to start with small beginnings. I may have taken the “small” part a little too literally πŸ˜‰ I would like to introduce to you our two new miniature horses: Jewels and Lola, and our two new 15-week old Nigerian Dwarf goat kids: Chomper and Ducky (Yes, they are named after the cartoon characters from the movie, “The Land Before Time”).Β Instead of babbling more words about their unique personalities (which I’m sure will be talked about quite often in future blog posts), I will let the pictures do the talking. Please help us welcome the newest fur-children of Farmhouse on Five Mile. Let the big dreams commence πŸ™‚

Lily would graze with the minis if she could. She is slightly obsessed with them!
Jewels (left) and Lola (right) the evening we brought them home.
Holly sharing even when she doesn’t want to means Holly must love them πŸ™‚
On the way home, Ducky wouldn’t stop crying because she could see us through the window.
20170617_230050 (1)
Chomper (left) and Ducky (right)
Ducky looks for security often and loves being in my lap!
So this is Chomper…


Not sure who is making the weirder face here…

Yours Truly,


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