Thursday Thoughts: Launching Horse Lessons, Tuesday Tutorial Update, and Goats!

First, I want to briefly update on Tuesday Tutorials:

It is looking like I will be posting these DIY project posts on a monthly basis rather than weekly (unless I have guest bloggers that are being featured)! I have a full list of exciting projects to work on and share with you all. However, I am still working on finding a good routine in my week. It’s a process! I love it but it does take some getting used to as a beginner blogger. I am feeling good about not getting discouraged like I used to with starting something new. Every venture or idea I pursue, whether it be deemed a success or failure, is just one step closer to finding my niche. I know I’m supposed to be here…I know I’m supposed to blog. Figuring out how I want to fill these pages has been a challenge but I’m embracing it all to get there.

Weeds can be beautiful too 🙂

Next, I’d like to introduce Thursday Thoughts….yet another idea that came to me for the blog. These Thursday Thoughts are going to be simple farm updates, where we’re headed next, what Jesus is teaching me and other things that come to mind.

Thursday Thoughts for today:

I’ve set an OFFICIAL start date of June 4th, 2018 for the Little Legs, Big Start horse lessons at the farmhouse! I couldn’t be happier to have made that decision. While I have much to do over the next month to be fully prepared, I have found a new drive to embrace this new small business venture for what it is, with what I have for now. You have to start somewhere, right?!  I’ve already had Farmhouse VIP members signing up and it’s only been 3 days since enrollment opened up! (Hint: If you want to be included as a Farmhouse VIP member: contact me here with your email and you’ll be added to the list!). Farmhouse VIP members get the first opportunity for reserving lessons as there are limited spots for every six week course. I am BEYOND excited that people are already signing up! Even if the enrollment number stays small for this launch, I am truly grateful for the interest I’ve been receiving. Everyone I know has been so supportive of this venture in one way or another and it doesn’t go unnoticed.  Thank you, all!



I thought I would also include a little update on our two Nigerian Dwarf goats. They are now one year in age and we are nearing our one year anniversary since bringing them home. They’ve grown so much since they were 12-week old kids but they’re still dwarf and cute as ever. Chomper has a heck of a voice and Ducky is just a sweet, precious follower. People ask me all the time what I plan to do with them. I’d love to breed Ducky over the next year or two and add another doe and a buck to the herd. I’ll know when the time is right for that. For now they just make excellent companions.

Chomper found a good patch of clover!
Sometimes I let them out of their pen to follow me around as I do farm chores. They love participating in farm activities!

I hope you enjoyed the first edition of Thursday Thoughts! Looking forward to many more!




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