Hey there!

Thanks for making it here!

Searching for simplicity and learning how to do this small farm thing over here in our Southern Ohio Farmhouse. You’ll find me writing words about our home projects, family adventures, my newborn entrepreneurial experiences, and my never-ending quest of following Jesus.

Oh yeah, by the way- I’m Kelsey! A millennial living in a century-old farmhouse. I am a Christian, Wife, Fur-Mama, Writer, Horseback Riding Instructor, Bible Art Enthusiast, and the occasional Maker of Homemade Jam. I also really love chardonnay.

My husband and I made this Farmhouse our home in August 2013. We’ve made¬†home and barn improvements, hosted parties and dinners, gained and lost beloved pets, bought a tractor…we even exchanged wedding vows¬†from the steps of the front porch.


We may have been living here for five years already, but Farmhouse on Five Mile is just getting started. I’m on a lifelong pursuit of unwrapping the potential this farmhouse has to offer. I’m excited to share it with the world…with you! Maybe it’ll inspire someone to appreciate the simple things in life. Maybe it will motivate someone to start living intentionally. Maybe…it will change someone’s perception of what Farmhouse living means. You see, it’s not about how well you can decorate your living room. It’s not some apron-wearing, dinner-on-the-table-by-five, couch-cushion fluffing way of life.

It’s getting dirt under your fingernails and learning how to grow a tomato plant for the first time.

It’s stirring a boiling pot of sweet strawberry jam like grandma used to do.

It’s oiling up the saddle to get ready for the next trail ride.

It’s creaky floors and painting plaster walls and dusting off cobwebs from the ceiling fans. It’s quirky and I love it.

This Farmhouse living is our Farmhouse living. I’m blessed every morning to wake up here and call it home.

Your Favorite Farmhouse Blogger,



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