Hey there-

Thanks for making it here!

Farmhouse on Five Mile is the name of the small farm I live on with my husband and son; located in Williamsburg, Ohio.

Farmhouse on Five Mile, LLC. is the host of the variety of business ventures I have created, and have yet to create, under this farm name. The first FOFM business I started is Little Legs Pony Academy: a positive reinforcement-focused pony training and youth learning program that started here in 2018.

My second pursuit is related to my passion for writing and I’m SO excited to talk more about that soon (enter all the heart eye’d emojis here)!!!

Oh yeah, by the way- I’m Kelsey: a millennial living in a century-old farmhouse. I am a Christian, wife, mama, writer, homemaker, and avid clicker trainer. Occasionally, I will be in the kitchen stirring up some homemade jam like my grandma used to do.

I’m also a big fan of chardonnay. Cheers!

You’ll find me here sharing our home and farm projects, our growing family adventures, my entrepreneurial experiences, and my never-ending quest of following Jesus.

My husband and I made this our home in August of 2013. We’ve made some home and farm improvements since then and probably always will. We’ve hosted bonfires with beverages and bible studies with honest prayer. We’ve gained and lost beloved pets that are buried under this beautiful dirt. We bought a tractor! We even exchanged wedding vows from the steps of the front porch. That one was my favorite.


I’m not sure everywhere that Farmhouse on Five Mile, LLC. will lead me to but I’m ready for every opportunity that God lays on my heart for it.

I’m willing to dream it up, try it, lay it down if it’s not working, or keep cultivating it forward if it does.

This is a lifelong pursuit of unwrapping all the potential this farmhouse has to offer while we are here.

Thanks for being here, friends.



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