Equine Training Services

No matter your current discipline or goals with your horse, anyone can incorporate positive reinforcement training into their current curriculum! I am taking a limited number of clients this winter (and booking now for Spring 2023) who want to learn the foundational behaviors of positive reinforcement! We will train behaviors such as:

  • Food manners

  • Targeting (moving and stationary targets)

  • Leading

  • Back-up

  • Stand/Stay at liberty

  • and much more!

These behaviors are all taught with NO aversive tools or techniques. This is a great option especially for horses who are not ridable and owners who not only want to have fun with them but build a solid and positive relationship with them!

A backstory of me real quick: I am a youth equine instructor at Little Legs Pony Academy in Williamsburg, Ohio. I have been transitioning all training behaviors fully to positive reinforcement since 2020 (yes, even riding behaviors!). I am currently taking a mentorship under Adele Shaw from The Willing Equine and will be partaking in an equine behavioral science deep-dive/business mentorship with her in 2023! I do also plan to gain my certification as an equine behavior consultant through the IAABC Foundation (International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants). I am getting the process started with booking training clients NOW before I officially launch my full-service training program in Fall 2023.  If you are interested, please contact me here and sign up with your email! I am sending out an informational email soon with pricing packages (more affordable than you think!), additional information about what Positive Reinforcement truly is, and how you can incorporate it into your current training curriculum.

FREE consultations come with this so we can make sure we are a good fit and talk about all of your current and future training goals! 

Prices are set to those within 60 minutes of Williamsburg, OH. *willing to travel up to 2 hours for an additional travel cost*

Looking forward to working with you and your equine companions!!



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