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My name is Kelsey!

I am the head equine trainer and instructor for Farmhouse Equestrian.

I specialize in training and teaching horsemanship lessons that focus primarily on positive reinforcement. This is more commonly known as clicker training.

My passion is educating horsemen and women on how to achieve willingness and fun with horses in an ethical way. I promote and adhere to the LIMA (Least Intrusive, Minimally Aversive) Humane Hierarchy in my training and education in order to reduce stress, pain, fear, or force for my own or my clients’ horses in training. Positive reinforcement training has been proven by many research studies to be not only effective…but humane, compassionate, and enriching for any species of animal! If an animal can understand cause and effect, it can be taught any training behavior through positive reinforcement!

Positive Reinforcement allows for:

  • Activation of the seeking system in the equine brain instead of the constant “avoidance” mindset during training sessions (which is often found in horses who are trained primarily with aversives)
  • Helping our equines to learn how to be trusting in humans and independent problem solvers

So, whether you are:

-Looking for lessons with my horses at Farmhouse on Five Mile who are already familiar with clicker training

-You are a current horse owner looking for guidance in creating a positive, willing, and cooperative connection with your equine


-You are a traditionally based equestrian instructor with a lesson program and intrigued to learn how you can incorporate positive reinforcement into your current lesson curriculum:

Take a look at all the options below and contact me to get started today!

Equine Training Services:

Whether you’re a horse owner local to Cincinnati or not, there is an option here for you!

All services will cover: 

  • The Fundamentals of Learning Theory as it applies to all species
  • Terminology, Tools, and Ethics of Positive Reinforcement and Clicker Training
  • The Power of Protected Contact Training 
  • Charging the Clicker
  • Manners with Food
  • Learning Space Awareness (Backing up & Stand/Stay in Place on cue)
  • Target Sticks and Stationary Targets (Targets have many practical, everyday uses!)
  • Cooperative Care Behaviors for:
    • Haltering
    • Hoof Handling
    • Grooming
    • Fly Spray

…and more! These behaviors are just where we get started – your goals with your equine(s) can take us anywhere from trailer loading to trick training…liberty training to riding…you name it!


Our starter package for on-site services includes 4 lessons that are one-on-one with me. I will travel to your barn for hands-on guidance and learning of positive reinforcement. Incorporating positive reinforcement into your current training curriculum is tailored to your goals and your equine’s needs! Included in this starter package are a downloadable Introductory Guidebook and personalized progress reports sent to you after each lesson.

The starter package of 4 lessons is $160 (+ travel fee)


You can think of Day Trains much like “board and train” services….but better because you don’t have to move your horse to a new and potentially stressful environment for schooling! Day Trains are geared for those who are busy with work or school schedules away from the barn but want to accelerate their progress of training positive reinforcement foundational behaviors. These sessions involve me traveling to your barn during the day to do training sessions while you’re doing your normal day-to-day duties! I will come 5 days a week for 2 weeks and record each of my training sessions with your horse for you to review and take notes on.

The day train packages also include 2 one-on-one lessons with YOU and your horse together – so you still get hands-on guidance! After the Day Trains, we can schedule one-on-one lessons on a regular schedule that works for you or you will also have the virtual lesson option!

Right now, Day Trains are only $450!

The added travel fee is $1/mile from our address in Williamsburg, Ohio. 


These clinics are specifically designed to help equestrian directors, trainers, and instructors with lesson programs who are interested in incorporating positive reinforcement into their lesson curriculums. We do not have to transition every single traditionally-trained behavior to be positive reinforcement (even though it is possible and amazing to do so!). There are still many ethical ways you can have specific behaviors trained with positive reinforcement while still keeping the core of your lesson program to best serve your horses and students.

MINI-CLINICS: 1 Half Day; 4 hours. This involves me traveling to your lesson barn to offer positive reinforcement education and demonstrations with your employees, students, and lesson horses! We will spend about 1 hour with an introductory presentation and taking notes, 2 hours with hands-on demonstrations and practice, and 1 hour afterward for follow-up notes and addressing questions! Contact me for pricing.

FULL CLINICS: 2 Days; 4 hours each day (or we schedule 1 day for 8 hours)! These can be scheduled for weekdays or weekends. We will begin with an introductory presentation for taking notes and answering questions followed by training demonstrations by me and hands-on practice for employees and students. Contact me for pricing.

Contact me here to schedule your FREE consultation for positive reinforcement-focused training with your herd!

Your horse will be the first to thank you! 



Equestrian Academy: 

Youth Ages 6-17 & Adults

Come learn how to clicker train with our horses here on the farm!

The Farmhouse Equestrian facility is located in Williamsburg, Ohio. My lesson season runs from April through October yearly with limited weekly availability. Loyal students will always get the first opportunity to prebook their lessons for the next season before I accept new students.

  • Private lessons are $65 (60-75 minutes)
  • Group lessons are $45 (60-75 minutes)
  • Clicker Camps for Youth ($175/week; Monday-Thursdays. Select weeks in Summer only!)

Discounts for private lessons are available with the pre-purchase of multiple, seasonal lessons, but are limited. Please reach out for more information!

To be first in the know on lesson spots becoming available,

please join my email subscription list here! 



Free farm tours to meet and greet the horses and instructor are available by appointment



Positive Reinforcement-Focused Summer Horse Camps

Clicker Club Youth Horse Camps:

Ages 6 & up

July 10th-13th

9:00 am – 1:00 pm (earlier drop-off times available)

$175/week per participant

Limited spots are available!

Clicker Horse Campout…for adults!

This event is designed for adults who:

  • Love horses and have always wanted to learn more about them! Those who want to spend time with them in a positive, fun, and relaxing learning environment
  • Have had past negative or traumatic experiences with horses and want to learn about them in an empowering and safer way
  • Anyone with horses of their own who are curious and intrigued about utilizing positive reinforcement (clicker training) with horses so they can take home some fun, new skills to their own herd!

This campout will begin Saturday, July 15th at 4:00 pm and runs through Sunday, July 16th at 12:00 pm. Feel free to bring your tent or camper to stay overnight – or stay for the campfire and come back in the morning if you’re local to Williamsburg!

Here is the Clicker Horse Campout itinerary:


  • 4:00-5:30 pm: set up tents/campers, dinner, and introductions
  • 5:30-8:30 pm: Education with our Farmhouse horses
  • 8:30-10:00 pm: Hangout at the campfire together


  • 8:00 am: Campfire breakfast and coffee with the horses
  • 9:00 am – Noon: Education with the horses before camp clean up

Please bring your own camping chairs, food, and overnight shelter (tents or campers welcome)

The cost is only $49! Limited spots are available.

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