Little Legs Pony Academy

Positive Reinforcement Focused Youth and Pony Academy



The ponies and I are so glad you’re here!

My name is Kelsey and I am the owner and lead instructor for Little Legs Pony Academy. 

This program is unique to the Cincinnati area in that we focus our learning and training methods utilizing positive reinforcement…also known as clicker training! Our facility is located in Williamsburg, Ohio. 

The season runs from April through November every year.

The Pony Academy is for Ages 6-17 and our Pony Pal Days are for Ages 3-5.

Pony Academy:

Our Academy students can sign up for lessons weekly; Mondays through Thursdays. These lessons are private (paired lessons coming soon) and range from a full hour to 1 hr 15mins. I send out the available schedule for sign-ups via email first before it is available to the public. The schedule is available on seasonal basis: Spring, Summer, and Fall.

Academy lessons are $60 per lesson. Discounted to $55 per lesson when you sign up every week for an entire season (usually 10 to 12 allocated weeks per season).

All Academy students gain FREE attendance to our monthly workshops for every FOUR lessons that they sign up for! So, 4 lessons = 1 free workshop!

Workshops have different topics each month and are held as group settings. We will dive into topics that we generally do not have time to go over during our weekly lessons. Workshops are a fun way for students to connect with each other while learning more about ethical care, handling and training of equines through positive reinforcement methods.

Sign up your email to our subscription list to learn more about how we utilize clicker training in our program, giveaways specifically for email subscribers, and to gain access to the seasonal schedules when they’re available!!

Note: Parents/Guardians of all loyal students (“loyal” status = those who have had 4 or more lessons ever) will always recieve the schedule link to sign up as first priority before it is available for new clients. 


Pony Pal Days:

Ages 3-5: 1-hour GROUP setting! Limited to 4 participants per pony pal day. $40 per child.

Each PPD has a different theme or topic that we will cover so there is always something new to learn or skill to practice (we may repeat each topic twice in a year). Pony Pal Days are a great way for your Littles to make new, pony-loving friends while getting a jumpstart on learning all about equine clicker training!

Pony Pal Days include:

  • Grooming (taking turns and/or working in pairs)
  • Riding when able or another fun ground activity with our pony specific to the topic
  • Enrichment activity to create together for the ponies
  • Last 20 minutes are spent on a craft related to our theme that your Little can take home!

Helmets are provided, but you may bring your own! All Littles are required to dress appropriately for the weather and should always have long pants and closed toed/closed heel shoes; riding boots are preferred! Please contact me if you have questions about this.

Sign up with your email to our subscription to receive the full year’s schedule and sign-ups for Little Legs Pony Pal Days!

My two missions for Little Legs:

1) To equip your Little Legs with the proper tools to learn and utilize positive reinforcement training methods with equines. Helping youth understand this science-proved equine behavior and training fosters independent thinking and problem solving. It also creates a strong foundation of trust, companionship, and willingness between horse and human! These are life-long skills that can offer empowerment and benefit areas of personal and social relationships outside of the arena as well!

2) To create a supportive and consent-based learning environment that enhances and empowers equines to participate in training through choice. This allows for:

  • Activation of the seeking system in their brains rather than being in a constant “avoidance” mindset that is often found with training that uses primarily aversive techniques.
  • Helping our equines to learn how to be trusting in humans and be independent problem solvers.

We strive to reach and connect more youth through this wonderful world of ponies and positive reinforcement!


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