Tuesday Tutorials: No-Sew Curtains

It’s time for Tuesday Tutorials, y’all!

So, I’m going to make this a thing. Like a real thing.

No, seriously.

I know it’s unheard of for me. I’ll be the first to admit that I have commitment issues.

Every Tuesday? That sounds super professional of me. Maybe I’ll surprise us all and stick to that. Disclosure: no promises are being made on this.

I’ll be forming posts like these that show a step-by-step tutorial of projects for the home. It’ll save you time, hopefully money, and might even provide you some laughter with all my “blonde” moments of figuring stuff out in unconventional and completely illogical ways.

If you read my Instagram and Facebook post from last Tuesday (4/3/18), you’ll remember that I mentioned featuring guest posts for these #tuesdaytutorials on my website and social media accounts. If you have a DIY project of your own that you’d love to share,  contact me with your ideas and you can have your projects and stories featured here for others to see! All you need are some words explaining the process (humor encouraged), pictures and/or videos, links to supplies for the readers and any information about yourself that you’d like to include (name, website, story…as little or as much about yourself as you want can be included). I’m SO excited for this and I hope you are too. This is a chance for anyone and everyone to dig into their creative side and share it with others. So, get with me!

And now for the curtains…

I have never had a project feel TOO easy before this one. I can assure you that if I can do this (or any project for that matter), you most certainly can as well. It was inexpensive and fairly easy to put together. And it involved zero skills in sewing. I don’t have anything against sewing, but I don’t have one easily accessible, so I’ll leave sewing projects out of these tutorials for now. I’m sure they’ll pop up in the future somehow.

Pictured below is the “before” setting of a corner in our living room. Last Fall, we repainted the living area from a dark brown (yuck) to this brighter grey color (love!).


I sold the pillows even though I loved them because I knew they wouldn’t match and later regretted this decision after realizing I could have just bought cute, burlap pillow covers to zip over them. *Sigh*….this was my first mistake, but fortunately I had another realization that I had 039482039482 pillows in 15 different colors that we have somehow managed to adopt over the years. At some point I will actually go upstairs and get them so I can put pillow covers on them. No one really sits in this chair anyway so I’ll probably get to it in another 5 years or so.

Do you know how hard it is to take quality photos when you constantly have pets in the way? I even vacuumed for this shot and everything. Sheesh.

OKAY. Here is a list of supplies you need and where to get them:


  1.  Canvas Painter’s Drop Cloth: I got mine at Menards Home Improvement store, but it was simply because I was there already getting other things. You can easily find this on –>  Amazon
  2.  Curtain Clips: Again, Amazon . Hint: Click on these links to view the individual items. I am not being sponsored by Amazon and I feel like I’m supposed to say that. I’ll let you know if that ever becomes a thing. Anyway, there are white curtain clips in Amazon land with which I thought was good to know. Also, it is well worth getting the 42-pack of the curtain clips if you plan on putting up similar curtains throughout your home.
  3. Scissors: You can probably find a pair of these in your kid’s crayon box or in the junk drawer you never open.
  4. Dryer: found near the washer in either a dungeon-like basement or a mystical space called, “The Laundry Room.”


Oh, and one more thing to add: you probably want to have measuring tape too. I wanted to make these curtains longer than the old ones because I love the way curtains look when they touch the floor. I was lazy and couldn’t find our measuring tape so I just thought I could line up the drop cloth next to my old curtains, estimate the amount of length needed to add and simply cut. In doing that I found out that the second half of the drop cloth I cut off wasn’t going to be long enough for my window to add a second panel. So now I have to buy an additional drop cloth piece to add my second panel. However, I was still able to use the remaining drop cloth from this pack for another window, so it ended up working out for me fortunately.

This is me not using measuring tape like normal people do.

You can see the folded edge at the top on the drop cloth in the photo above. I wanted to have a a top layer of this drop cloth folded down as such to create a cozy look. AKA: It’s a trend I saw on Pinterest and I never would have thought to do that by myself.


Lesson learned here: use wrinkle release setting on dryer before cutting materials with scissors.

After the dilemma of no measuring tape, I realized that my drop cloths were super wrinkly (see unevenness and wrinkles in photo below. Yikes!). So the dryer came into play here (above) as I tossed it in and turned on the wrinkle release setting for a few minutes. This works perfect….except for the fact that I probably should have done this before cutting it into two separate panels as both came out with some slight frays on the ends. Oops….oh well. I’m probably the only one who would ever notice that anyway. I don’t think anyone visiting our home is going to judge me for slightly frayed ends (I hope?).

Wrinkles….oh my!


You can see here in the above photo that my unit of measurement is my hand length for folding the top of the drop cloth. I ended up doubling this and making it two hand-lengths folded over before placing the curtain clips on.


How many curtain clips to add?? I had the same question. Answer is: doesn’t really matter- just estimate an even amount of length in between each clip and add at least five per panel to make it look decent. I actually added a total of nine curtain clips for one panel but I may or may not need to subtract some when I eventually add on my second curtain panel. Whatever looks best to you is going to be what you should go with.

TA-DA!! The Red Pillow is not staying, it just found its way there somehow. The cat is also not staying there. I might start spraying him with a water bottle so he stops freeloading 24/7.

BAM. Curtains are finished!! Not touching the floor like I wanted but there are no wrinkles and you can’t even notice the frays. I do somewhat wish that these were white drop cloths rather than that tan/burlap color….but then again, it’s growing on me. If I ever change this (likely) I will have to do another post on that. My goal for our home is to “simplify” the decor. I loved the old curtains but they were honestly just too “noisy” with all the intricate design. At least, they were too much for me.


I have absolutely no idea why it took me so long to publish because this post took approximately 40ish minutes to type up. I hope it was helpful or that you at least found some humor along the way!

Do you have a fun, DIY project you want to feature on my blog?! Please get with me and let’s collaborate!

Comment, share, like, send some love… 😉

Yours Truly,


Choosing My Hard

Choosing My Hard

Trusting and waiting is hard.

Staying focused and motivated is hard.

Choosing joy is so hard sometimes.

Maybe it’s a woman thing. Maybe it’s what happens when you find yourself staring up the mountain of purpose and see your dreams looming down at you, seemingly impossible to reach.

But you know what else is hard?

Killing your heart with self-doubt.

Forgetting God’s promises for you.

Destroying your worth and purpose with fear.

They might be easy to do but they sure are hard on the heart.

I’ve been unexpectedly vacant from my farmhouse social media which is a big, “no-no” when you’re trying to operate social media as a business. Every blog or business development workshop you attend will tell you that consistency is key. People won’t know you exist if you don’t give them something to look at, after all.

But then there’s strategies on specifics: specific times of the day to post, how many times in a day or week to post, posting on your stories, using your business stats, the list goes on and on…..

It overwhelms me.

I want this to be an honest place for myself and for my followers. Here’s the honest truth about the reasons why you haven’t really heard from me lately:

  • There is life to be lived and I need to enjoy the moment entirely by putting down my phone. I’m just not good at being intentional and telling my followers what is happening.
  • I start to post something and then delete it because I don’t want to fall victim to vanity by seeing how many “likes” and follows it will give me.
  • My heart is in this entirely, but sometimes it takes more effort than I feel like I can handle to pursue even the things I am very passionate about.

I want substance. I want quality. I want honesty. I want vulnerability in everything I put out here for you guys.

The problem comes when I fill my mind with fear and doubt and guilt. When this happens, I tend to isolate myself. This makes it hard for even the most enthusiastic person to stay focused and motivated on the tasks I need and want to accomplish.

To top it off, it feels like it has been impossible to find someone to relate to.

I’m not a mom so it feels like I can’t relate to any of my friends at the moment because they keep their timeline busy being a mother. My husband’s career is busy and booming and while that makes my heart so happy for him, he also doesn’t quite understand what this feels like either. So it’s really easy to feel alone with these thoughts.

After a much needed phone conversation with one of my closest friends, she reminded me of a simple truth that I continually forget:

I’m not alone.

Jesus is with me every day, even on the days that I choose to ignore him. I am loved. I am understood. I am blessed. I am here in this waiting season for a reason. Nothing is meaningless. Nothing is circumstantial. It is all to bring me closer to Him.

I have come to realize that I have a choice to make on how I want to set my mindset for the day, the week, the year and for the rest of my life.

That might be the biggest sigh of relief: I get to choose.

So, it’s time. It’s time to choose which hard is worth fighting for today.

I no longer choose doubt and guilt and fear. I am choosing joy, hope and determination. It’s going to be hard every day to remember that I can make that choice, but that is far better than the alternative hard.

The following is a quote I read yesterday in a Desiring God article that really helped me. I invite you to read the article for yourself as well. It’s called, “When God Calls You Out.”

“This is the truth that resounds in the depths to which God calls us. He invites us to step out and follow him. To dream. To plan. To build. He invites us to put our hands to work for his name’s sake, not based upon our expertise or know-how or giftedness. He invites us here based upon who he is himself.” -Jonathan Parnell.


What’s next? An update for Farmhouse on Five Mile

The heating bills are piling up high, but so are the plans rising for the Farmhouse in 2018.

Flash back to January 2017: I decided to type up my very first blog post. It was a decision I had thought about for a while but with no real set destination in mind. I just knew that I liked writing and I was somewhat good at it.

Fast forward to January 2018: I’ve learned SO much about blogging. One of the more essential aspects of growing a blog is networking and creating undeniably great content. Now I have an updated vision for the blog from this newfound research…to make it a career. I’ve come to realize that this writing thing I do doesn’t have to be simply, “something I do.” In fact, this can be an essential and primary part of what I do as I integrate into a self-sufficient/home-making/homesteading lifestyle.  The key is this: YOUR support…which has already been so great! Every time you click on the website, subscribe (<— that’s a link, by the way) with your email, share and make comments on all the platforms- YOU are making the difference, thus keeping this dream alive. And for that I’d like to not only thank you from the bottom of my heart, I’d like to actually do more for you in return.

This year I am setting out to create blog posts that are more centered on farmhouse related projects (don’t worry- I’ll still include my deep-thinking/Christ-centered/story-telling posts, for those of you who love that style of writing). This will include home renovations and Farmhouse DIY decor trends. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I’m willing to bet that the DIY projects you save on your dream boards- but never really set out to do- is because you probably don’t think you can actually, “Do it yourself.” You might think a project looks too pricey or you simply don’t have the time to put the effort in. Who wants to surf through all the pop-up ads to actually read the tutorial, anyway?

To add more fun and action into those dreamy projects we all crave, I’ll be documenting the whole process on social media and creating an ultimate one-stop blog tutorial here. These posts will be a breakdown of what, where and how much you need in time, money and motivation for your unique DIY masterpieces.

In sum, my trial and error madness methods will be for your benefit! My crazy mistakes and amateur attempts will end up saving you time and money…and I promise there won’t be any weight-loss-pill-to-reduce-belly-fat type of ads to interfere.

So, would you like to know what the first Farmhouse on Five Mile DIY project is?

Drum roll please…

Just about every room in our farmhouse needs curtains- but especially the living room and master bedroom. More on this topic later, but be sure to follow Farmhouse on Five Mile on Instagram and Facebook for the announcement of when the first official blog post will be!

I’d also like to update you on the frequently asked-about: Horseback Riding Lessons at the Farmhouse. I am SO excited that so many of you are eager to get their kiddos and yourselves signed up for this! I am just as eager to get it started- however, I am unwilling to cut corners to get there. We are slowly but surely working out the details for a brand-new, footed, outdoor arena.  We actually just had someone out two weeks ago to come look at our location and we are eagerly waiting to hear back about the cost for this addition. Spring 2018 is when I would like to get the program started, but we are at the mercy of the weather as the ground needs to be pretty dry for the arena to be built. Please pray for us as we continue to work on this. It has been somewhat daunting with how long it is taking to get there- but I have an incredible feeling that it is going to be so worth it.

I have some Farmhouse Arena Fundraising ideas in the back of my mind to help jump-start this much anticipated lesson program. Want to know more on that? I’ll be blogging about those thoughts in the near future. Be sure to add your email (<— another link here!) so I can add your name to my list of people who are eager to be in-the-know and up-to-date on all the fun plans unfolding for Farmhouse on Five Mile!

Dear Farmhouse


Sometimes you need to be reminded of how beautiful you are.

Your flaws are easy to see and your progress even harder to show, but don’t worry. You are your own worst critic when it comes to your imperfections.

Stand tall, dear Farmhouse. You are growing older by the day but you are as sturdy as strong. They don’t make many houses like you these days. You were built with endurance in mind…handcrafted by an artist that put much thought into how to help you withstand time. Like a fine wine, you only age beautifully.

You are not defined by your lack of shiplap and white cabinets. You are all the best parts of you that make you unique to the world.

You are the walls that have sobbed and laughed with all the faces that walk by you.

You are the floors that have held the weight of many who felt like they couldn’t hold themselves together.

You are the front door that welcomes everyone to feel like they’re right at home.

You are the sunset that kisses your rooftop goodnight.


That pine tree standing even taller than you is a daily reminder that your broken window in the back is a much smaller problem than what most have to face in this world. There are homes in many states and countries crumbling under the damaging weather, fires, and floods. But not you. You have withstood throughout it all.


Don’t be afraid to strive for better…for greatness. It’s okay to aim for your highest potential. One day, your walls will match. Your furniture will compliment your smile. You will proudly wear your curtains as they hug you and you will never doubt yourself or your purpose here.

And as you wonder in these middle days of figuring it all out, I hope you know how loved you are. You are never forgotten or set aside.

Think of how proud your builder would be today that you made it this far.

I imagine they were completely satisfied when they laid down their hammer for the last time and looked up at you through the sweat and blood.

My letter to my Farmhouse.

My letter to me.




“For Jesus has been counted worthy of more glory than Moses- as much more glory as the builder of a house has more honor than the house itself. (For every house is built by someone, but the builder of all things is God.) Now Moses was faithful in all God’s house as a servant, to testify to the things that were to be spoken later, but Christ is faithful over God’s house as a son. And we are his house, if indeed we hold fast our confidence and our boasting in our hope.” Hebrews 3: 3-6







Fail Big

This year I set out to put all of my Pinterest inspired plans and acreage to good use. Measure out my dimensions, buy the seeds, till the soil, fence it in, plant, water and repeat until it’s ready to harvest. How hard could this gardening thing be, anyway? (says the millennial)..

I didn’t get my seeds started in time so I had to purchase started plants in late May (I tried to with my strawberry seeds…they didn’t turn out like I had hoped). I dug my holes at 2:00 in the scorching hot afternoon because I was too lazy to do it in the crisp morning hours. I forgot to water for a few days in a row…more than once…and almost lost the entire garden multiple times. Half of the tilled soil was a garden of weeds and the cucumbers were just about suffocating the other half of it. And for the love of all things gardening- I didn’t even get to put up the tomato cages.

Through it all, I still somehow managed to carry in baskets full of tomato and cucumber plants over the last six weeks. God probably felt sorry for me and sprinkled His miracles over my weed garden 😉


I’m a failure at pretty much everything I try to do in life.

And so are you.

If that sounds harsh, I’m sorry but, you are. We all are.

I’ve learned something before that I’ll never forget- that even on our best days…our best days when everything in our world seems to be going right…we still don’t measure up to the only perfect human that ever existed: Jesus. So, why do I think I can do anything completely on my own? Why do I feel a need to anyway?

{Insert pride here}

The source of my strength comes entirely from my Savior and the good news is that His strength never fails- even though I do daily. As a believer, this is what I hold my hope in. This is where my anchor lies.

It’s not that I didn’t try my best to avoid these mistakes. I just knew from the beginning that mistakes were bound to happen (does anything ever go as planned?). Instead of letting the inevitable discourage me, I kept pushing through and had a harvest that equaled the intentional effort I gave. I also think the land we live on here in southern Ohio is super fertile and will be my greatest advantage in the future years to come. I can only imagine what the produce will be when I apply what I’ve learned from this year to next year’s garden…and next year’s mistakes to the following year….and so forth 🙂

My failures amount up to nothing short of a learning experience for anything in my future that will go right. How do we know what success is, or what blessings are, or what glory feels like…if things don’t ever go wrong? The bigger my mistake is, the more He seems to use it better for His glory later on.

Keep showing up. Keep learning, growing, investing into and expanding your knowledge. Keep failing and keep pushing through the trials.


Another important lesson through this failure/learning experience: networking is key, no matter what you’re trying to build. After an unexpected visit with our elderly neighbors a few weeks ago (we were helping my friend look for her runaway dog), I marveled over their abundance in produce and well thought out garden layout. It was obvious that they have had decades of experience in this area. I decided then that helping them with their garden next year is going to be one of the best ways I can help my own garden. Even more than that it’s a great way to build a closer relationship with them. I also realized in that moment that I had several close friends offer to help me through this process and I let my pride get in the way instead of taking them up on their offers. It was almost like God was saying to me right in that moment, “The answer was in front of you all along. You have help- look around you.” Quite literally…200 yards to my right! All I had to do was, “love my neighbor” (Mark 12:31).


“Not that I am speaking of being in need, for I have learned in whatever situation I am to be content. I know how to be brought low, and I know how to abound. In any and every circumstance, I have learned the secret of facing plenty and hunger, abundance and need. I can do all things through him who strengthens me.” Philippians 4:11-13.



Yours Truly,


God’s Assignment for Me

The man standing on the front porch step of our home that we had already created two years worth of memories in…I didn’t choose him.

He crossed his arms after wiping tears from his glossy eyes. I never decided he was, “the one for me.”

He hugged his parents, then mine, and I stepped up to stand next to the man I never dreamed of.

But you know what I did do?

I married the man I was assigned to.


You can argue all you want on how the world turns. You can provide the evidence in hand and give me every scientific reason to believe that we’re all just “here.” However, my faith in that the world was designed and created by God and that our souls were bought at a price from Christ Jesus is infinitely larger than that. And my proof in that belief is through the marriage God gave me.

Our small group through church had spent a significant amount of time last year reading through an online book called, “You and Me Forever” by Francis and Lisa Chan (it’s free to download the book as an app onto your smartphone- I highly recommend looking it up and reading through it yourself). One of the best quotes that has stuck in my memory was from Lisa:

“Christ-likeness may be especially important in our marriages because marriage is such a powerful way to display the gospel and the glory of God. It is the first place people will look to see if we believe what we say we believe. Someone can have a dynamic speaking gift, or generously give to anyone in need, or appear to know a lot of Scripture, but if they have a terrible marriage, it raises questions. How can he treat his wife that way? Why is she so disrespectful to her husband? They obviously do not believe what they claim to believe. It should burden us deeply that many of our marriages paint the gospel in a bad light. Can you imagine if the divorce rate among Christians was next to nothing? What an incredible way to cry out to the world that we are different! We have the mind of Christ, we have the power of the Holy Spirit, we choose to die to ourselves and love and forgive even when things get difficult. This is what God wants for us as His people.”


God gave me an assignment to marry Michael on August 22nd, 2015. You can’t convince me that I could have ever saw that coming. I longed for a perfect love but I never knew how much I needed my marriage to glorify my Creator. I never knew that marrying my best friend meant that I was called to love someone patiently and unconditionally- for more than myself and even more than for my husband. We are far from perfect but every day I am going to keep pressing on to be selfless in this way. It is by God’s perfect timing, God’s perfect decision to bring us together, and God’s perfect love for me that motivates and inspires me to love my husband the same way.



In lieu of a unity candle to signify two becoming one flesh (Ephesians 5:31), we took soil from my parents’ yard and from Michael’s parents’ yard and poured both into a single soil pot of a Catalpa tree we would plant in our own front yard a month later. As the years and our love for another grows, so hopefully will the tree to remind us of our two souls becoming one.

Today, the tree stands taller than Michael.


Happy two years of marriage, my love.

Yours Truly,

Kelsey Moeller


Small Farm, Big Dreams

“Some people are a bouquet of red roses. They’re beautiful, stunning, and passionate about whatever that one thing is in their life that they’re good at. But you? You’re a wildflower. You passionately love many, different things about life. You’re a little bit of everything. And I’d personally rather have a bouquet of wildflowers than a bouquet of roses…” -Told to me by my friend, Nicole, as we were taking a sunset walk down Upper Five Mile.

I started the beginning of this year not exactly sure what was going to become of Farmhouse on Five Mile- let alone how I was going to get anywhere with it. I knew I was passionate for our little farm here but I didn’t exactly know what it was meant for or why. I am in a constant state of changing- changing decisions, changing dreams, changing emotions. I have always viewed this inability to commit to any one passion as a negative, a drawback, a failure, and even as something that God disapproved of in me.

What Nicole said to me that evening was a small reminder that God made me who I am on purpose. All of the things I dislike about myself are not equaled to what God thinks of me. He is much bigger than my doubts and insecurities.

“For we are his workmanship, created in Christ Jesus for good works, which God prepared beforehand, that we should walk in them.” Ephesians 2:10

With all of that said, Farmhouse on Five Mile is always going to be growing and ever-changing, much like myself. It is a place where people will come to remember what silence sounds like as they watch the sunset from the front porch. It’s where people will come to learn how to ride a horse and leave with a newfound meaning on communication and trust. It’s where people will come to pick up a dozen eggs and a jar of strawberry jam to take home to their families. It’s where people will appreciate the lost art of growing fresh produce from their own backyard. It’s where people will see how taking intentional and active care towards the animals, the land, and the environment we live in is glorifying to the God who created it. This small farm is being built on the many different ideas that God put inside of me, and I will do whatever He calls me to do here. And now, I am pursuing this positive and uplifting notion that I can learn to love myself as much as I love the blessings He has given me.

Small farms with big dreams seem to start with small beginnings. I may have taken the “small” part a little too literally 😉 I would like to introduce to you our two new miniature horses: Jewels and Lola, and our two new 15-week old Nigerian Dwarf goat kids: Chomper and Ducky (Yes, they are named after the cartoon characters from the movie, “The Land Before Time”). Instead of babbling more words about their unique personalities (which I’m sure will be talked about quite often in future blog posts), I will let the pictures do the talking. Please help us welcome the newest fur-children of Farmhouse on Five Mile. Let the big dreams commence 🙂

Lily would graze with the minis if she could. She is slightly obsessed with them!
Jewels (left) and Lola (right) the evening we brought them home.
Holly sharing even when she doesn’t want to means Holly must love them 🙂
On the way home, Ducky wouldn’t stop crying because she could see us through the window.
20170617_230050 (1)
Chomper (left) and Ducky (right)
Ducky looks for security often and loves being in my lap!
So this is Chomper…


Not sure who is making the weirder face here…

Yours Truly,